Have you heard of a village called Vale?

you will battle for the sun, won't you?

Hiya dear visitor! I'm proud to introduce you The Broken Seal, the only approved fanlisting at The Fanlistings Network and a rather mini shrine to the most wonderful Game Boy Advance based 2001 game, Golden Sun!!! It features wonderful dungeon and map graphics, valiant and well-described characters, a perfect soundtrack composed by the one and only Motoi Sakuraba, and most important of all, an awesome plot and story which will definitely drag you in. Nevertheless, Golden Sun found its sequel two years after in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Golden Sun is just undescribable, you have to play it to understand.
The game soon introduces you the plot setting: lots of centuries ago, a seal was put upon Alchemy, to prevent men from raging wars and destroying the world. When two powerful thieves steal the Elemental Stars, housing the power of Elements and Alchemy, to light the Elemental Lighthouses put around the world to bring back Alchemy, Isaac, the main character, followed by his best friend Garet, sets out for a quest that will lead them meet new allies and find out why Alchemy was sealed away and what will happen to the world if exposed to the treat of the ancient power.
If you find this game as entertaining as I do, you can join the fanlisting and spread the love with a tiny, cute code! ♥
Even as today little (but in plan to grow!), the shrine and most of the sections contain MAJOR and MINOR spoilers, so proceed at your own risk!

Golden Sun belongs to Camelot Software Planning and Nintendo, 2001-2009.
No copyrights infringements are intended.


we're after the elemental stars!

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someone doesn't want me to get inside

june 15th, 2010

GUYS I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. I ADMIT I DID NOT EXPECT IT BUT... GOLDEN SUN DS IS COMING. And it has a name at last: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn! :D Announced right at the middle of Nintendo's E3 performance, I couldn't help but scream. THEY SAID IT'S COMING THIS HOLIDAY!!!!! *___________* I'M SO EXCITED MAN!!! And we finally have the truth too: it's not Isaac and co. but "a generation after" :D I'm not too sad about them, but I just hope Camelot did not make couples. That would be... stupid, if anything. The gameplay looks a lot like previous Golden Suns, with psynergy and all that, but it's early to say anything. I'll just wait to see if someone played a demo at E3, if there was.
And I'm so happy I was able to see the show with millions of other fans :D Thinking that WE ALL were the first people to see it and I was among them... Awww!! I can't wait.
And sorry for my grammar u_u My hands nearly shake for excitement. Sorry for the Sheba icon, I was supposed to change it, but who gives a fuck? =D

june 14th, 2010

Hooray, people (I started these posts with "hi guys" too many times XD), seems like starting tomorrow, June 15th 2010, we'll eat bread and videogames for a while :D Actually, the Microsoft press conference is at 10:00 AM PST (7 pm for me) today, but I don't think I'll watch it (I've got a Italy - Paraguay soccer match to watch, after all!). Nintendo's conference will be tomorrow at 9:00 AM PST (uh...18 PM in Europe) and, hopefully, it can be seen at GameTrailers (: Honestly, I don't think something important will pop up about Golden Sun DS, but any news is useful. There is Sony too, but I've some doubts about watching it, as I don't like seeing Square ruining its series with massively multiplayer online games...

june 2rd, 2010

HI GUYS! Have you realized which day is today? June 2nd, ring any bell? Yes, it has been quite a while. 365 days, more than 525600 minutes.
I don't remember exactly, BUT ONE YEAR AGO, THE-BIG-N ANNOUNCED GOLDEN SUN DS!!!!! :D One year people! Man, it seems only yesterday. This shrine has one year! Well, I'm so proud this thing is still alive after all ;D ...But still, we don't have many news about it right now. I start wondering if we'll have it before the next year, but I trust them (and, there's nothing I can do u.u') :)
Today I'm also home (June 2nd is the Republic Day in Italy :3), so I'll be working out something for this shrine :D

may 3rd, 2010

Hi guys! Quite a long time, isn't it :D Mostly because our host (the one and only Bubble.nu!) has experienced a server change/upgrade and I haven't got the chance to update here and there... Oh, I know you won't believe it, so I'll be honest and say it was partly for the server change and mostly for the big lazy girl who I am 8D There weren't many notably interesting news about Golden Sun DS recently, too, so I haven't bothered posting every little cry; however, a -- slightly troubling, especially for my wallet, I'd say -- news has popped up, which says that our long-awaited game will be released for the upcoming 3DS, the new 3D DS portable, in months long to come. This has been neither confirmed nor denied by Nintendo, so it has to be taken very, very carefully. Personally, I doubt it, but how can we be sure? There's only one thing we can do, and that is waiting. *sits down*
Talking about this shrine (?), I managed to fix that crappy problem with upper links (honestly, I don't even know how I did), and I'm planning to build a mini GSDS site to take note of its timeline and important news :3 Though it still is an idea. Oh and, I didn't come up with a plan to export Super Smash Bros. Brawl pictures, I'm a moron ;_; I also planned to add more screenshots on its section, but I fear that the last computer cleaning deleted the rom -_- 

october 3rd, 2009

Yay! I uptake this small update page to let you all Mia fanpeople know (and anybody interested) that Paragon, the only approved fanlisting for Mia is up for adoption! :3 Nobody wants to see the Mia fanlisting closed, right? Then GO APPLY! Mia waits you! :3 :3 I'm sure out there are some wonderful fans who could give her a new home, so if you are or know someone who does, hurry! You do a favor us all, I said, we would like to see her fanlisting not to close :3 Even if you are not used to fanlisting, you will find everything in the thread, or click the banner :3.

Look at meee! I am a dearly loved fanlisting for a character who rocks and has a fabulous layout! You don't want me to close, do youuuu???

july 16th, 2009

New update! It seems a lot of time I opened this site already! It's just a couple of months. However, I'm still a lot excited for Golden Sun DS: apparently, some news have popped up from both official and unofficial sources, however what we know for sure it's that it will be about descendants of previous heroes, namely Isaac&Co. I don't know if I will make a section just for it, though. But I plan to put here some Super Smash Bros. Brawl (if you don't know, the 2008 game which featured some Golden Sun contents) shots of Assist-Trophy Issac and his trophy and descriptions! Every content will be original, if I succeed in getting my own card to export photos to computer =D
Finally, I uploaded some new sets of codes made just today and added a new section under Goodies: animated gifs! Yay! To know more about them, check the section!
And Ivan's icon for the win! =D

june 6th, 2009

People... I am freakin' excited to announce this. How do you feel when a thing awaited for six I mean six years is announced?
Well, on June 2nd 2009, at Nintendo 2009 E3, believe me, people GOLDEN SUN DS WAS ANNOUNCED.
Ohhhh myyy!!!!! I discovered it by chance, browsing a website for making this shrine! We're gonna have GS3 in a few months (ooh-kay, not a few at all, but less than how much we've waited)... *dies*

may 27th, 2009

OH MY GOD. Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
I mean... people, I got approved for Golden Sun! My favourite game of all times!!!
And it's mine!!! I'm not believing! I wished this a lot, It's just... scary I'm doing the first update of it! mine!
I spent lots of hours on this shrinelisting, both on layout (♥♥♥♥) and css, I think it's one of the longest css I wrote.
I hope this shrine will grow (holidays are near, yay!) as well as listing! join people!