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Yay! Here there are the affiliates with the Golden Sun fanlisting! They are mostly fanlisting, but if you own a GS-website, you wanna affiliate with this and you do not like common pixel codes, you can use this more-graphical 100x35 banner! I think I'll add more soon, do not worry if you don't like 100x35!

So, here our little family! It is rather tiny, but if you own a GS-related fanlisting or website, why not affiliate with this shrine? Here you go! If you don't receive answer within two weeks, send it again, because my stupid mail client keeps deleting useful mails thinking them as spam, wtf.

~ fire master :: jenna fanlisting ~ music :: golden sun music ~ nobility :: isaac fanlisting ~ paragon :: mia fanlisting ~ silent type :: felix fanlisting ~ wind :: ivan fanlisting ~ ~ THE LOST WATERS :: golden sun community 

And, because they deserve so, other links to Golden Sun fanlistings! Yeah, these are not affiliates, but what does that mean! They need to be joined, if you like the subject ;D

~ eclipse :: golden sun: dark dawn fanlisting