If it sinks everything we did will mean nothing


Isaac (JP: Robin) is a seventeen year-old Venus adept, the main protagonist of Golden Sun and maybe the whole Golden Sun series. Three years before the journey that would lead to his destiny, Isaac lost his father, Kyle, in a fearsome storm, when a boulder fallen from Mt. Aleph fell upon Vale. Since then, Isaac, who kept thinking if he had more power he could avoid what happened, with his best friend Garet, started studying Alchemy and Psynergy. So three years passed and Isaac became a reliable, stubborn guy, described by his mother Dora as a lot like his father as his age.
When, during a trip in Sol Sanctum, Saturos and Menardi, future Isaac's enemies and who unknowingly triggered the three-years-earlier storm with a Sanctum's trap, spawn up, force Isaac and Garet to bring them the Elemental Stars and kidnap their master Kraden and their friend Jenna, Isaac decides to accept the responsibly to save the world from the treat of Alchemy, catch the thieves before they light the Elemental Lighthouses and free Kraden and Jenna.

Garet (JP: Gerald) is a seventeen year-old Mars Adept, Isaac's childhood friend and probably his most trusted pal. Garet, after the storm, started to study Psynergy with Isaac, leading them to acquire a series of powerful but still basic psynergies, yet different since the two share a different element. After Saturos and Menardi steal the Elemental Stars and kidnap Jenna and Kraden, Garet leaves his decision for their destiny to Isaac. Even this choice is surely due to indecision, Garet tells of himself a great thing: he completely trusts Isaac and, whatever Isaac's choice would be, he will follow his friend in his choices, so the two are like brothers.
Garet's personality is rough, clumsy, sometimes he is not as focused as the others and usually he speaks without thinking, even marked by the fact he is a Fire element Adept, so he's hot-headed and fiery: this is somewhat funny that his relationship with Isaac is so unbreakable, since Isaac seems to be a calmer character (marked by the fact he is always mute because he is the player but ISAAC IS NO MUTE! HE EVEN IS FIERY SOMETIMES! Just sit and see. Next episode. I'm not allowed to talk about that now but... just sit and see.) while Garet is louder than the whole party. However, he has a particular trust in any friend of his party, and he'd be ready to risk his life to save one of his friends.

Ivan (JP: Ivan) is a fifteen year-old Jupiter Adept who lives in the flourishing city of Kalay, and is a servant to the head and founder of the city, the highly-known merchant Hammet. Ivan was raised by Lady Layana, Hammet's wife, and the merchant, however, he is not their son: Ivan's origins and real hometown are unknown even to him. He grew and became a shy and reflective man, and since the younger years, he showed to possess some "strange powers", like the ability to read others' minds. It is when Master Hammet, his caravan and Ivan are in the town of Vault that some thieves, during Mt. Aleph eruption, steal the Shaman's Rod, a precious and important rod given to Ivan by Hammet: angry, Hammet leaves Ivan in Vault to retrieve the Rod, while he and the caravan head back to Kalay, saying Ivan could find the Rod with "his strange powers". This unfortunately event leads to a fated meeting: none other than Isaac and Garet reach Vault and, after hearing of Ivan and the Rod, agree to help him. Ivan suddenly recognizes them as people bearing his same powers and they become friends: he eventually read Isaac's mind and discovers the quest the two are on. After the Rod is retrieved, Ivan says goodbye to Isaac and Garet and leaves the town, and they do too. However, due to a broken bridge, he can't go back home: so he quickly follows Isaac and Garet and says "he couldn't leave with all those horrible events occuring" and joins them permanently.

Mia (JP: Mary) is a seventeen year-old Mercury Adept, a healer living in the wintry nothern town of Imil, which occasionally faces 'flu and sometimes mortal epidemics: so she, with her powers, help the people survive the winter, which lead them think she is an "angel" because she gives off from hands a blue light: obviously people have no idea about Psynergy. But healing people is not the only reason for which Mia lives in Imil: near the town lies the Mercury Lighthouse. So Mia is the last descendant of the Mercury Clan, possessing powers of water, who were guardians of the Lighthouse, which must not be lit. When Mia sees a light coming from the Lighthouse, understands that Alex, another Mercury Clan member but allied with enemies, wants to light it. She finds in the lighthouse lots of rocks and monsters put there to avoid her to enter: but Isaac, Garet and Ivan quickly help her, so she joins temporarily them. On the top of the Lighthouse, already lit, Mia comprehends from Isaac and Garet that Elemental Stars were stolen and that the world is in great danger. After the enemies, with Alex, leave, Mia joins permanently Isaac's party. Mia's personality (and class) is somehow the "default" rpg's healer one: she is kind and possesses healing abilities. However, Mia's most powerful equippable weapon is a Mace, which led players to think she is not as gentle as she seems XD. With Ivan, Mia is the "voice of reason" of the party.


Saturos (JP: Satyuros) and Menardi (JP: Menadi) are the two main angagonists in Golden Sun. They appear since the very prologue of the game: it is Saturos and Menardi who, entering the Sol Sanctum and triggering a trap, trigger a giant boulder from Mt. Aleph to fall on Vale, causing the death of Isaac's father and the whole Jenna's family, her father, her mother and her brother Felix. But fourteen year-old Isaac, calling for help, finds by chance them, who think he and Garet were eavesdropping them. So they fight the two poor guys, who are easily defeated. Three years later, Saturos and Menardi follow Isaac, Garet, Jenna and Kraden on a trip in Sol Sanctum: at the right moment, they show up, steal the Elemental Stars and kidnap Jenna and Kraden, forcing Isaac and Garet to pursue them. They are next encountered on Mercury Lighthouse, where the party temporarily defeats Saturos, and they are pursued across the continents, ending the journey on Venus Lighthouse. Saturos and Menardi come from the nothern iced lands and the Fire Clan, who protects the Mars Lighthouse: however their reasons for the willing to light the lighthouses and wreak havoc are unknown.

Alex (JP: Arekusu) is a Mercury Adept, a former member of the Mercury Clan: he used to live and heal in Imil along with Mia, but, some time prior to the events told in the game, he left misteriously the village, leaving Mia alone and betrayed to face epidemics and illnesses. In fact, he met Saturos and Menardi who told him their want and covinced him to ally with them: they anyhow needed a Mercury Adept to reach Mercury Lighthouse. When Mia sees a light from the Lighthouse, understands that Alex must be entered, since she and he were the only ones who could enter it. At the top of the tower, Alex explains that Mercury Lighthouse, lit, gives a great power: so apparently he wants to light the Lighthouses to break the seal. Alex is a character shrouded in mistery and his true reasons are never fully understood: these are main reasons for which he is considered the main angagonists in the Golden Sun series to date.

major characters

Jenna (JP: Jasmine) is a seventeen year-old Mars Adept, a childhood friend of Isaac and Garet who studied Alchemy and Psynergy along with them. As well as Isaac lost his father, Jenna lost her entire family -- mother, father and brother Felix -- in the storm three years earlier, so she faced an incredible shock, which she went over thanks to  her friends, Isaac and Garet. But, when in Sol Sanctum she and Kraden get kidnapped by Saturos and Menardi, she discover a shocking fact: her brother Felix survived the storm and is alive. She starts crying and asking why he never came back to home: she doesn't even understand why he kept working with the thieves. And basically is Jenna who starts the quest, since Isaac decides to set out to save her and Kraden, and to prevent Lighthouses to be lit. The last time we meet Jenna in this episode is on Mercury Lighthouse, when she calls out Isaac and Garet, while the thieves were trying to escape: it's late, however, and she can't be saved.

Felix (JP: Garcia) is a eighteen year-old Venus Adept, Jenna's long-lost brother and misteriously allied with Saturos and Menardi: this may be because they saved him. In the storm, three years before, he was rushed away along with his and Jenna's parents, but fortunately was found by Saturos and Menardi and rescued. In exchange, they raised him in their town and convinced him to light the Lighthouses along with them. When they went to Vale, to steal the Elemental Stars, he didn't want to be recognized: so he wore a mask and forced Saturos and Menardi to promise they would have kept him hidden and left his friends Isaac and Garet and his sister Jenna out of this. Unfortunately, circumstances led Saturos and Menardi to give a "guarantee": if he removed his mask, they would have freed the just kidnapped Jenna and Kraden. So he did, and Jenna recognized him. When Mt. Aleph started erupting, Alex suggested to leave with Jenna and Kraden, with Felix's disappointing. The true reason for which he works with Isaac's enemies is not well understood, however he is still a promise-keeping, loyal man and he did everything to prevent Jenna and Saturos' kidnapped to be harmed. Isaac and Garet don't understand him, and if Garet bears a grudge to Felix, Isaac doesn't want to believe he has become evil.