cities and towns

It looks like Isaac has something in mind.

A little introduction about some of the cities you will encounter in your journey. Obviously, remember to revisit ALWAYS old cities and towns when you get stuck in something new you can't afford! Maybe, now you've got a Psynergy you haven't had before, you can go across a path you've seen before but you couldn't pass through...
This list is arranged by the most common way to get in cities. You may see Imil before Kolima here but you crossed Kolima before, like I did and do most of the times I play again.


The first town you see is a small, green-ish, mountainous town called Vale, probably the most important town by a plot side, mostly because Vale is the hometown of our main character Isaac and his friends Garet and Jenna: here is why it is the first town, hmm? Well, you play both the modern day Vale and the town three years earlier, playing younger Isaac and Garet, before the fall of the boulder, which will change in a big way a few characters' future life.


Not too far from Vale lies Vault, another small town, less green-ish, not as important as Vale, but still a lot important: in fact, it is here that the player for the first time meets Ivan and helps him. And no, you can't skip Vault, because without Ivan's abilities you can't go across next caves. Ohh, yeah, and Ivan can't be missed! You just can't miss him ♥


The first time you enter Bilibin you notice a thing: everyone in the city is reticent about the tree at town's gate. Why? Because that tree... is a man. A cursed man. And everyone is scared about that curse and fears the same destiny. Everything is caused by Bilibin's "queen", Lady McCoy: she is the egocentric wife of the head of Bilibin, Lord McCoy, and she ordered his husband to build her own palace. So McCoy recruited a group of men from Kolima, the lumberjack town, and cut wood from the near Kolima Forest. Unfortunately, the Forest's eldest trees, Tret and Laurel got angry because lumberjacks threw the axes on them and, with some strange powers, transformed people of Kolima in... trees.

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