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He warped again!

Ohh-kay, writing a comment that could have the rights to be that is pretty hard. I would need days to put together a thing meaning what Golden Sun is really for me.
It is a game that is somewhat part of my life, even for some time I stopped playing due to console issues, but I have never stopped for long times like YEARS, not at all, even I didn't become addicted as now I am.

During these recent times, a great belief popped up and developed in my mind: that Golden Sun is truly a masterpiece. For its times but especially not only. Recently, I got myself and emulator, found and tried some other Game Boy Advance rpgs, which I really liked, since I am a rpg-lover. The worst thing I could do is to compare games, since every game is special in its own way.

Maybe Golden Sun has not a plot like Final Fantasy ones and you might not like the overall game because you are accustomed to hard and tricky games, but the difference between games is big, really, and you notice that as soon as you start playing it. But I don't have the rightest words to describe it.

Golden Sun had definitely the thing that caught me. The plot, the characters, the landscapes, every single abandoned barrel on the floor caught me. You can see how the developers sold their souls in this little game, they put their greatest efforts on it to bring out this tiny, well done adventure.

~ Berta 17/06/09