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Random information, and basically how to waste time reading this page go sleeping idiot, it's 2.15 AM !!!! ... =D


This domain, this glorious domain, was purchased on June 5th 2009, exactly three days after Golden Sun DS was announced, on It is currently hosted by my own therefore mainly hosted by the one and only Misaki of Three Words!


This Golden Sun project officially started on May 22nd when I received the approval for the fanlisting.

  • Hi Berta,
    Congratulations! Your application to build and run the Golden Sun (Computer, Console, Video, & Web Games) fanlisting in the Games category at The Fanlistings Network has been approved! We advise you to keep this email for future reference.

All around the sections, under every title with Procne, you can read a mainly protagonist's quote; e.g. here is Mia's, see? However, if you remember well the game, I won't need to tell you whose are every lines ;D


This is currently the first layout, features obviously lots of random Element-related things and main cast. A slanting quote left & referring to Mt. Aleph says: where the fate changed forever their lives and the journey began . There is another text on the top, written in Latin (tee-hee! welcome to the website of a Latin-obsessed girl! ;D) saying cum elementorum vi soli in hostes ruerunt et spem omnibus dederunt which basically means with the force of elements, they confronted enemies and gave everyone hope and is mainly taken and arranged from the Super Smash Bros. Brawl theme which originally said:

Audi famam illius
Solus in hostes ruit
et patriam servavit
Spes omnibus, mihi quoque
Terror omnibus, mihi quoque

Last, there is a little quote (which is basically the title itself) of a song, Battle for the Sun by Placebo, that has no clear references to the game, even something in common there is. But mostly, this song has a backstory between me and the Placebo addicted I annoy every day with this game: when she discovered Placebo's last album would be called like my somehow like my obsession, we started calling it "Battle for the Golden Sun" :D And basically this is a treat to her, gh ghhh.