You'll have to let us handle it from here!

Yeah, I make graphics. Didn't you notice the layout? Probably my best work since a bit, I put my soul into it, and I'm proud of it <3
However, here we're not talking about this layout, but about goodies you can download and use as personal, like wallpapers, and icons, that can be used as avatars on the net! Everything I ask you is to keep credits where they are, if there are some, and if there aren't, to add a little line of credit! Just a tiny thing like this:
Icon (or whatever) by
Simply, isn't it? ☺


Icons are heavily known on the Internet as avatars, because their main function is to be... avatars (LOL). You can use them on boards, on blogs, pretty everywhere!
No hotlinking. Anyhow, hotlinkink is not permitted, so if you don't want to see a big red text saying not good things, I suggest you avoid hotlinking ;D


Desktop wallpapers, yummy! I apologive you in advance, since the most common sizes are 1024x768 and 1280x1024, I won't make a lot of others! If you want other sizes, why not requesting some?


animated gifs

Well yes, you read right! Animated gifs from Golden Sun, recorded and edited by me! Actually you have to thank the Visual Boy Advance emulator, which allows you to record .AVI files, then the sadly-forgotten Jasc Animation Shop, which supports .AVI and opens them as single frames! But I have to apologize for the annoying quality of the frames: unluckily, Animation Shop has a poor saving quality. But I hope you enjoy! They are usually console-sized gifs and boring scenes, like battles and walks =D
Very well, I have acknowledged that these take too much time to load and not slow the page; so click on the one you want, and a popup with it will open!

  • TITLE - Title screen with starting logos;
  • Gaia Blade - Isaac unleashes Titan Blade with that awesome weapon.