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Over the years, since 2001 when Golden Sun was released, followed by The Lost Age and, exactly on June 2nd 2009 DS, a lot of Golden Sun fansites born and raised, built by awesome webmaster that gave them a lot of their spare time. Unfortunately, some of these webmasters left their sites, due to their problems, lack of fun playing Golden Sun and lack of future for these two games.
Some sites are still active (and totally as excited as me for Golden Sun DS! XD) and are daily updated with funny contents, stories and goodies for their visitors.
This isn't the "Credits" or "Thank You"s page: you can find that here


Before any of the awesome sites I will tell you about, I want to let you know about a Wiki completely dedicated to Golden Sun, daily updated with better contents by every user =D

Golden Sun Universe

I suggest you to pay them a visit <3
Then, other merveilleux sites! Be careful, both of the Wiki above and those sites contain SPOILERS for both GS1 and 2!

  • The Adepts of Weyard :: Ohh, I totally love this site XD It might not contain THE FULL GUIDE TO GOLDEN SUN, but you definitely MUST visit this website. You will not live without it, really.

I have of course other favourites fansites, it's just I don't remember them, and I only put in favourites those I liked more. Sorry!


If you are looking for official Golden Sun artworks, like Isaac and his party, Djinn and scenes I suggest you:

  • Creative Uncut  :: Official artworks for Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age

However those artworks are really small, so I suggest you to try on Google or Photobucket if you don't find what you were searching.
Instead, if you are looking for fan-made artworks, I suggest you DeviantART, particularly here. But, since I spent a lot of my spare time on DeviantART, I'll link you some of the best Golden Sun arts and galleries I found =D If you found an artwork that you think it deserves to be here (not necessarily DeviantART), yeah, send me the link!

This list is under costruction, tough. Too many GSFanworks to be listed here.


Other useful links, that cannot be listed under above categories, but still important =D

  • GoldenSunTheLostComics.Tumblr :: Translated Golden Sun comics! I really suggest you to visit that =D And I even took a lot of inspiration from them for my screwed drawings!
  • Golden Sun Sprites :: Downloadable sprites from every object from Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age! Animated too.