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What's the matter? We should hurry!

So, yeah, here we go. How would I promote a game without screenshots and videos? You will be enamoured by that, special and unique Golden Sun graphic, I bet that!


Oh, well, er, yes. Screenshots of Golden Sun gameplay, cities, world map and so on. Unfortunately, I don't like to play the emulator to take pictures and, even worse, I have got the game in my own language (that would be Italian), so even if I add battle scenes with text, you will understand pretty nothing ;D So, here only pictures textless, sorry :(
If you EVEN think about stealing or hotlinking these, a Cruel Ruin will crash upon you :CCC


Yes, as said, nothing with written texts could be showed here (at least, not from my current emulator game), or rather, I could, but you won't understand anything. So I tried to keep everything without text, but not always is possible.

  • Video 001 :: Road to Tolbi - a simple trip from a bridge to the city of Tolbi and its Palace (err, got mistaken here: you find "Palazzo di Babi", that means "Babi's Palace" ;D sorry - Download ZIP (still not available)