You were trying to make it last longer...

So yay, the so-called shrine sections! I've actually spent a lot of time working on it, so if you don't steal anything, I'll be happier. Almost every section here contains MAJOR game spoilers, so if you're playing/plan to play, be careful and try those sections you think are spoiler-free.

Let me introduce you the world where our characters live and the basis that allowed the events told during the game.

Basis on protagonists, major characters and enemies which deserve to be known.

Useless screenshots and tiny descriptions mainly meant to tempt you play =D

Got Golden Sun II but you haven't finished your game yet, hmm? Take my codes! I'd be honoured! Also contains hints, like renaming other characters or returning to last visited Sanctum.

Hah! VAULT! It might contain a few scre... *receives a punch on head* ouch!
Nevermind. Screenshots directly from game and... videos? Errr, maybe a day ;D

A comprehensive list of the best Golden Sun websites on the net! My favourites, of course.
Also, fanlistings, forums and fanworks.

Icons, wallpapers, customizable layouts everything made by me! All I ask you is, if you use online, to give credit.

Yay, I have to do this! I've waited THIS moment since years! Major spoilers inside, though.