codes for transfers

It must be related to the ruins buried deep in the mine

Well, if you already finished the game and got a "Clear Data" file, you will probably know what I'm talking about and what these "codes" are. Instead, if you never have defeated Saturos and Menardi and their next boss (I don't blame you!) or never played the game, you must know that after finished the game and saved in a slot your "finished" game (known as Clear Data), if you press a sequence of buttons on the console, a new option appears: Send. This option allows you to transfer your actual party to the next episode, Golden Sun: The Lost Age! Whoo! If you trained Isaac to level 99... It's worth to transfer of course. But not only: with Send and the right code you'll carry even your objects and psynergies, required to finish completely the second episode and fight the most powerful optional boss. Heh.
So there are two ways to transfer your party: by link cable, or by codes. Yeah, codes! A six-page code made with letters and numbers will carry your party between games! Cool! But it's not too cool to lose a hour writing the code. But it's worth, really!
There are three types of codes: Gold, which carry everything (level, djinn, objects, money), Silver, which carry all but objects and money, and Bronze, which carry level and djinn.
Everything written here is taken from my own game: please don't claim as yours. If you want to include in your fansite, let me know, I'll be honoured =D

Well, since my emulator party is a lot less powerful than my cartridge one (I haven't even beaten Deadbeard on emulator! sigh) and I don't really like to play emulators, it will take a bit of time to see some codes here, ya.